Changing Room Design from ATEPAA

gym changing room atepaa


Once you will decide whether open independent fitness club or purchase a franchise, you will have to take a decision about the inside design of your facilities.
First time business owners have to take a decision about the products, they want to offer to customers, services available, equipment (gym, fitness, locker room) and staff.
The inside of the fitness club should be consistent with our vision and customer target – different design for women – soft colors, more domestic look. Men – intensive, vibrant colors, simple and straight. If our fitness should remind loft space, we have to remember about that such interior design focuses on open spaces full of bright colors and lights and equipment referring to the industrial style - made of glass and metal, but also from natural materials. Select lighting as from the factory.
Depending on which interior you choose, you must match them to the appearance of the locker room. And so in the facilities targeted for women - the use of pastel colors and locker fronts made of laminated board, guarantees the effect of softness and comfort.
Other option of locker room design is totally opposite idea: intensive, vibrant colors, often interspersed with each other to form a kind of mélange – ideal solution for fitness facilities targeted for men.
Locker room can also get easily very elegant and yet modern look. ATEPAA proposes to use the fronts of MDF or tempered glass. These materials provide impressive gloss and unmistakable look.