An important asset for our offer are locker locks. We have our own mechanisms, based on original solutions, as well as offer from producers valued in the industry. Among the all proposals we have available traditional models, based on the classic mechanisms, as well as modern use of new technologies. We offer mechanical locks opened using a key,  electronic locks using a code, proximity card and coin lock.
Presented locks for lockers are characterized by a high degree of functionality. This is thanks not only to the use of proven mechanisms, but also high-quality materials. Mechanisms of also characterized by greater resistance to damage and harmful external factors. Given variety of closure systems include a wide range of applications.
We offer very practical models. They can be used as part of an access control systems, well as a single security element of the cabinet. Reliable performance and ease of use allow you to maximize their use. Thanks to its characteristics they successfully serve users for years, providing a high standard of safety. Our furniture is gaining thanks to the adequate level of protection

Electronic locks for lockers